Winners Vs Loosers

# 1: MINDSET WINNER: Never afraid of losing money during testing. It is just another data collection if the campaign is not working at this moment. Come back and re-test in future. LOSER: Losing $5 – $10 is a big deal. Scared of losing more money.

# 2: BUDGET WINNER: Have larger budget for testing according to the payout of offer. E.g.: for an offer with the payout of $100, testing budget would be $200 – $500. LOSER: Only use the same budget to test all kinds of offer regardless the offer payout.

# 3: TESTING METHOD WINNER: Always use a systematic approach in testing. Work on one method thoroughly before moving to another method. LOSER: Have a messy testing method. Jumping from one method to another.

# 4: DAY PARTING WINNER: Tend to define day parting even in the beginning of the testing according to the offer. LOSER: Do not take note about the time and activate testing campaigns at the wrong hour (burn the budget without any conversion).

# 5: KW / URL RESEARCH WINNER: Go into deep KW / URL research. Find a lot of ways to get the closer or more relevant KW / URL. LOSER: Use only KW / URL scraper and think that money would flow in like water with only this simple set of KW / URL.

# 6: DATA ANALYSIS WINNER: Spend time in analysing data collected from the testing (even for non-converting campaigns). Try to get as much information as possible from the testing to determine whether to go deeper to optimise or to move on to the next offer. LOSER: Never analyse data properly and discard the data once the campaign is not converting at all.

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