What is Your Value Proposition

In these times of cut throat competition your value proposition is the merit that you wear on your sleeve

Your USP as a professional individual, steadily performing at very high levels of efficiency and making an impression on your employees

However a road that goes all the way uphill. In such a scenario, it is important that professionals regularly evaluate their own performance.

Plan out their professional behavior and but in effort at communicating their value proposition to their employees and prospective clients.

However before you can market your pack of values, you must figure them out for yourself. To reach a clear understanding of their own professional character, the first question everyone must ask themselves is What are my values, the beliefs that determine my behaviors? Once you have figured out your basic set of principles you would always know which way to be headed in a moment of difficult decision making. However to keep your sense of confidence high and to allow you to improve on your professional performance it is also necessary to ask yourself, “What are my strengths, the things that I do well? What are my passions, the things that I get the most excited doing? The things that excite you the most are the ones that you do best, and that which you do best will earn you the greatest praise and also hopefully a promotion! Focusing on your strengths is the best way of enhancing them.

However the most important tenet to be remembered when thinking about your value proposition is the customer or the audience and their needs, Kaplan and Norton’s piece of wisdom tells us that “Satisfying customers is the source of sustainable value creation.” Having said that catering to the needs of the customer are paramount, what remains for you to ask yourself is, “How can I do this in a way that fits with my values and leverages my strengths and passions?” And friends, you are already on the highway to a successful professional life!

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