What is Creative Thinking

Out of the box thinking has increasingly become the norm for advertising professionals.

The benchmark for creativity is being set on the global stage as companies and brands become more competitive and the choices available to consumers on the super market shelves multiply like rabbits.

What matters first and foremost is the image that a brand can project onto the mind of the public. However to stick needs some sugar, or at other times some spice, and the name of the game is “creativity”.

The Cannes Lions festival of creativity entered its 59th year this June. Near six decades of celebrating creative thinking and sharpening and honing the world’s most creative minds and leaders of the advertising world is a commendable journey. The festival however does not limit itself to recognizing or acknowledging talent, n fact its primary tour de force is the value addition that it can do to even the best in the circuit by bringing them together, doing intensive training programs and workshops where around 9,000 creative thinkers from across the globe share ideas and brainstorm together. The Cannes Chimera cuts through the haze as a “super agency” in n a world platform, made up of the best and playing mentor to others not yet in the league.

In all India won 8 nominations in the direct category just about made its mark in this round of calling the shots with McCann Erickson taking a bow for pocketing the prize for its Outdoor product on Western Union. Leo Burnett and Cheil managed a silver medal each for Door Step School and Samsung Printers. But the rest are still far from catching any eyeballs or applause. What’s lacking is a dynamicity that one of the 2012 winner Creative Artists Agency reflects in its take on selling Chipotle burrito and a taste of jazz, backed by some steady opening up of opportunities for the new talent on the block.

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