7 Website Redesign SEO Secrets in 2015


It is not a hidden secret anymore that marketers overhaul their websites every year to keep themselves ahead of the game and beat any competition that might have been following.

Here are 7 SEO redesign secrets your development team may not know and ignoring them can be fatal for your inbound marketing.

1. Creating SEO’d Site Architecture

This comes under better navigation and internal link popularity.

2. Categorization & Avoiding Duplicate Content

The search queries that the user uses reflects this.

3. Search Engine Friendly CMS & URLs

4. Coding of Navigation Menus

5. Custom HTML Elements, Session IDs, other Tracking Links

6. Responsiveness

7. Site Speed

Umesh Singh Rajput
Umesh Singh Rajput is an Internet Marketing Expert, Digital Strategist and SEO professional. He helps businesses reach more audience by building highly profitable funnels and strategic marketing. He provides consutling and coaching to businesses and individuals and blogs at umeshsinghrajput.com & udenchi.com, where you can contact him and learn more.

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