URL Tracking Upgrade in Adwords

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Risk Countdown Started for URL Tracking Upgrade in Adwords

Adwords is very strong & effective platform for running paid campaigns over Google Search and Display networks. Many advertisers use additional third party tracking templates by urls which needs to be updated before July 1st 2015.

Adwords make sure to track every moment or behavior during visits by visitor over website or landing page. There are two techniques using “manual tagging” and “auto tagging”. Manual tagging tracks easily some important activities however “auto tagging works once Adwords and Analytics linked together and track each activity whatever possible in Google Analytics.

There are still some gap due to which advertisers frequently uses other third party templates and generate their own urls for tracking. By using these third party urls it actually violates Adwords advertising guidelines, But Adwords system has to allow this for Advertisers. Most of the time Google spam counting team find this as an issue and limits for 100% Ad serving. To opt out from this situation Google recently update Final Url and Destination url concept in starting of February 2015.

Tracking template option is available in all accounts but need to update manually by advertisers. Google announced that on July 1st 2015 migration will be automatically take place. In migration existing Destination urls will no longer be editable but can be upgraded only.

Using new tracking template advertisers will get below benefits:

  • Less time for managing url tracking: As there will be separate tracking field available, so no need to create separate creative for each url. Advertiser can apply tracking template at Campaign and Adgroup level.
  • Load time Reduction: At the time user clicks on ad’s hyperlink these results add creative into destination urls automatically. As such task handled by Google Adwords system and uses high server end this reduce load time of destination page. It helps in improving quality score as well as user experience.
  • New Value parameters: Everytime advertiser wants to check performance in many aspects, they need to use different-different tracking templates and track the performance. So in new tracking parameter template advertiser can change their tracking template without making changes in other setting.

So, If you are using any tracking platform for managing your URLs, we highly recommend you to work on accounts and manage these changes before they get updated themselves.

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