3 Steps To Reinvent Yourself

Every New Year is a new beginning, full of new energy, lots of enthusiasm and numerous resolutions to pledge and make the entire year productive and revenue driven all the way through.

With the start of this New Year I resolved to invest in myself relatively heavily.

Of course, Reinventing Your Biggest Asset: “Reinvent Yourself”.

The question is how?

The answer came in the name of Personal Branding.

But it is not going to be limited to that. Reinventing yourself doesn’t mean taking baby steps to become a slightly different person – it means diving into a new and improved version of yourself head-first.

I have been tirelessly working for 8 years in this optimization industry. Before this, I, for certain reasons, had never felt the need to push my boundaries.

Looking back on these years, I can see I have somehow managed to acquire a few pretty smarter skills up my sleeves.

But it is high time that I must capitalize on them as soon as possible and leverage them to establish myself as a brand, in this competitive, overcrowded, and volatile online domain.

The online market is the need, thus everyone can have their share of pie. The only thing is how fast you jump and start taking action. It is never too late to create your brand.

You will find all the essential materials through step-by-step procedures and you will see how easy actually it is. You can talk to me directly through comment section and I would be more than happy to help you with whatever you need in creating your brand.

Here you will find me relating to the three stages when it involves reinventing your brand. This is applicable for both the ‘Individual’ as well as the “Organization”.

1. Be Cognizant of What Your Brand Actually is

Whether you run a start-up business or an established brand, you must be aware of the nitty-gritty well. Many webmasters are under the impression that they know well about their brand but often the visionary goal of the brand does not coincide with what the targeted audiences guess.

With that being said, carrying out a research to unveil just how your brand really is actually comprehended by the targeted customers stands to reason. However make sure inevitably that this research is objective.

You must canvass a cross-section of just every individual (including staff members, targeted end users, prospects, community members, marketers etc.) who gets in touch with your brand.

Incidentally, to ascertain that you don’t receive only positive feedback, you need not take the poll from the existing customers who have always been singing the praises of your brand but also from others (such as ex staff members, ex end users, and even your competitor’s end users) who look at the brand with different perception.

My take: Write a story about how I leveraged the udenchi name as my personal brand.

2. Ensure exactly what you Want Your Brand to be

Whether it is a small-sized, a medium-sized or a large-sized business, branding plays a pivotal role in bringing a business into conspicuous visibility, ranking and a variety of other benefits.

If an effective brand strategy is rightly deployed, it can definitely help a brand earn a covetous competitive edge over the competitors.

However the question crops up, what exactly does “branding” interpret? How effective it is in streamlining a small or medium-sized business?

To give a clear-cut interpretation, your brand is your commitment to your end users. It lets them guess whether the business products/services are of any significance to them.

Also a brand markedly sets your business dealings from your competitors’. Your brand rests on the following three factors: Who your business exactly is, what you want it to be and who its targeted audiences are.

So, particularly, when it comes to what you want your brand to be?

The answer of this question is fundamentally contingent upon the expectations of your targeted end users from your leadership.

Keep in mind, this statement should not be comprehended as your title! It is neither related to your personal life’s goal not it is a self-styled mission.

It is a significant one or two sentences long statement that signifies all about the solutions and services your brand offers. Here is an exemplary template to use when creating your brand statement:

I want to mark a record for being (brand) so that I can deliver (value) to (customers).

Your brand statement is of mammoth significance, so it is a must that you live it out and breathe it on a regular basis. This way, you will be able to ensure what your brand represents and how it is useful to your targeted audiences.

How to: If you are into customer service and your thought is to be of as best customer service provider then and you are getting dissatisfied customer report then it is time for employee training.

My take: Share a story of any one customer service and a story of designing team.

3. Be prepared to living out your brand

It is a misconception prevailing among folks who think that personal branding is just the ticket for only big wheels or famous personalities yet the truth is that every one of us is a brand!

Personal branding, to put simply, is a widespread effective technique that helps to market ourselves in the industry we deal in.

Deploying effective branding strategies, even you can make your brand notable (like the celebrities) and spark the attention of your targeted audiences.

With that said, there is nothing challenging when it comes to creating brand equity just like the celebrities.

People often think ‘brand’ is the thing that says everything about your business but that is only a small piece of it.

Your brand is the totality of all the impressions people have of you. If you are an individual, it is the leadership role that you undertake, the people you associate with and what people say about you online.

For organizations, it is about how to operationalize the goals you have set.

Social media tools can get the thing done remarkably and will enable your brand to attain dazzling heights, at the cost of our time. With that said, you can easily start living out your brand via social media tools!

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Umesh Singh Rajput
Umesh Singh Rajput is an Internet Marketing Expert, Digital Strategist and SEO professional. He helps businesses reach more audience by building highly profitable funnels and strategic marketing. He provides consutling and coaching to businesses and individuals and blogs at umeshsinghrajput.com & udenchi.com, where you can contact him and learn more.

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