51 Online Business To Start In 2016

With the expansion of the internet beyond compare and in the wake of the sharply growing unemployment problem, commencing an online business nowadays among people from different walks of life has become commonplace.

In general, a person all through his/her professional life changes the career at least two or three times. A host of persons seeking retirement from their existing professional jobs either voluntarily or for other reasons considers taking a next career move from the comfort of their home.

Most of these persons are actually the ones who have been following conventional nine-to-six work shift throughout their lifetime and are on the brink of retirement, starts desperately thinking what to do next.

Because the facility of the internet is with the reach of virtually every person today, the idea to commence a home-based business is down to earth and fruitful in every way.

In order to have the top home-base business, you have to find what you can do, make, or provide better than anyone else and market this idea. Anything has the potential to be a top online business opportunity if marketed correctly.

Take the time to research the market and see what else is out there. Find out who is already engaged in the field, and what they are providing. Look for gaps that the clients of that business are feeling, and work on filling those voids.

With the internet, online businesses has definitely risen to the top. Not only can you use the internet to research your chosen field, but it can also be an invaluable marketing tool. Advertisements that are properly posted on the web can draw in people around your city to around the world.

Plus, thanks to technology, many services can be performed directly online, thanks to instant messaging, video conferencing, and the like. Using the internet, you can work from home and totally run your business from conception to research to marketing the final product.

So 2016 is the year we have stepped in, and the sky is the limit to the types of businesses that you can launch online or in person and reap the benefits back to back. Here are top 51 from them:

1. Credit Consulting

Credit consulting deals with the financial as well as credit affairs of the clients efficiently as credit consultant. Credit consulting offers all kinds of solutions to the financial issues for the customers who want to have a good solution to their problems.

How can you initiate your credit consulting business? It is a very important question for the new entrepreneurs who want to establish their credit consulting business. You have to work according to the following instructions for entire new set up of credit consulting business.

Make a file of state to open the account of a bank with the authentic domain name, be well-equipped with the typical apparatus and asset to start your own credit consulting business. The income potential is $20,000 to $50,000 and more a year, depending on the number of clients you have.

2. Image Consulting Service

Image consulting business assists individuals—men and women—and corporate employees in improving their overall appearances, speech, and manners, thereby enabling them to project the images they need to achieve their personal or professional goals.

Some of the reasons professional image consultants are hired to include the following: Job promotions, interviews for jobs or admittance to programs, appearances on television, public speaking, competitions (such as beauty pageants), adult rehabilitation programs, companies wanting to upgrade their employees’ images, entertainers wanting to improve their public image.

You can earn $40 to $80 an hour (up to $300 an hour for corporate clients), the income seems substantial enough for one.

3. Resume Writing Services

If you want to get the business of resume writing started, you should have the practice of writing a resume following the keen study and analysis of an example of resume writing.

In the beginning, you may offer the free resume writing services to attract the potential clients’ attention towards you and work for them without any fee charges. Resume writing free may be very helpful to gather the potential customers to do your job for enhancing the experience of different kinds of resume writing.

Resume writing free may be very helpful to gather the potential customers to do your job for enhancing the experience of different kinds of resume writing. The income potential is $30,000 to $75,000 or more per year!!

4. Shopping Service

Internet shopping services have changed the style of shopping; with that said, people now do not need to go to bazaar in person and purchase the commodities following the hectic process of shopping. Now the customers can visit the websites to buy the required commodities in a wink.

So commencing a shopping store online is a bang-up idea that you may like to go with. However, as a fundamental part of the process, you, first of all, have to win the trust and confidence of your potential targeted clients demonstrating the fact that you believe in offering first-rate quality and are dependable.

Be aware of the clients you want to target, their preferences including the stores they give attachment to. Get in touch on a regular basis with experienced people to get up-to-the-minute tips on sales, trends etc.

Sooner or later, you can make online shopping service a smasher. Depending on your clientele, you can earn anywhere from $20,000 per year to a six-figure income!!

5. Tutoring services

Online Tutoring Services have a wide range scope of uplifting the standard of the financial positions of the household wives. Tutorship has many options of providing tutoring services for the children in order to facilitate the tutors and students.

Before starting a tutoring service, you should have a critical view of your talents and capabilities to maintain the business of tutoring service. However, before fixing your tutoring service rating, you should take a bird’s view of all tutoring services fee packages for all kinds of students so that you may maintain your status value.

According to the current tutoring service rating in order to get the trust of your customers. The income potential is $15,000, part-time; $30,000, full-time; more if you have other tutors.

6. Inventory Service

Home inventory service involves taking a one-time or periodic inventory of individuals’ possessions or a businesses’ stock of merchandise.

Inventories are important for insurance purposes and help businesses know what products they have on hand. You can run this business by yourself, or hire others part-time to work together on large projects.

Home inventory services online accommodate homeowners to deliver all kinds of inventories for the homeowners via internet so that they may be facilitated by inventory management services. Inventory management service is remarkably catering the needs of the consumers by providing all essentials.

The income potential is $30,000-$60,000 and up, depending on your clients and the number of inventories you do per year.

7. Special Dating Service

Because one out of every two marriages ends in divorce, and over 60 million single adults live in our country, with that said, the need for legitimate and reliable dating services are in high demand.

You have to determine if there is a large enough population of singles in your area. Check with the Census Bureau or local county seat for population statistics.

Maybe you will come up with a dating service unique to your area. You must have a reliable way to verify the identification of each client and suggest a public place for the first meeting of your matched couples.

You can provide online dating service to match your clients using a computer, videos, questionnaires, or all the three methods. Follow-up calls and evaluations are important to improve and update your dating service.

From $40,000 to $100,000 or more a year, depending on the number of clients and your initial registration and ongoing fees.

8. Freelance Business Writing

Business writing is a reasonable job which you can do easily by remaining at home if you have the instinctive talents for the writing. There are a lot of firms, organizations, institutes and other individual clients who want your writing business plan.

Writing a business plan is although a very tough task but you may do it by using your imaginative and creative powers. Business letter writing should be very concise, comprehensive and absolutely very clear piece of writing according to the client’s requirements.

The most talented writers prefer business report writing to give a detailed reporting of the business routine work of the businessmen effectively. Writing business letters should be such piece of writing which may interpret the mentally approach of the reader by its appropriate details, logical sequence, simple but clear diction with an apt organization of ideas.

Income potential is $5,000, part-time; $25,000-$85,000, full-time!

9. Computer Consulting Services

As a computer consulting service provider, you help select the best computer system for your client, including the best software and related equipment. You follow up instruction in the computer system into the client’s business.

In other words, you help the individual or business owner learn how to use a computer system to make more money or gain access to more information. Consultants can specialize in PCs or the larger business computer systems used by corporations and large institutions.

Computer consulting services are most in demand because small and medium-sized firms cannot afford full-time computer specialists. Clients can call you for a one-time consultation, or have you back as needed.

With the number of home-based businesses growing each year, most of these business owners will need someone to advise them on their computer needs. That someone could be you.

The income potential can range between $25,000 to $250,000 a year.

10. Newsletter Publisher

Over the past ten years, the newsletter industry has seen a phenomenal growth. Newsletter publishers association focuses on specialized topics, condensing relevant information and providing it to readers.

They also give inside tips for certain groups or industries. In this desktop publishing business, you produce newsletters for businesses, for individual clients, or for a particular consumer or a special interest group. Unless you have assistance, you have to do both the writing and selling of your newsletter.

If you hit the right market and can sell a lot of subscriptions, you can have a lucrative business. The income potential ranges between $15,000 to $25, 0000 or more, depending on the readership.

11. Business Consultant

The basic role of small business marketing consultant is to motivate and develop the team work productivity with first-rate skills of the leadership and marketing tools.

Business development consultant is very responsible for all business management with high administering qualities and financial solution of the problematic issues in the promotion of the business.

Business plan consultants offer all essential features of best planning for the progress of any kind of expeditious tasks of the entrepreneurs. For the establishment of consultancy service business, you will have to be well-trained and well-experienced so that the clients may avail your experiences and professional skills.

The income potential is $20,000 to $100,000 per year.

12. Medical Transcribing

If you are doing the job of medical transcribing, you type up physicians’ and other health professionals’ dictation.

You must be able to edit and rewrite from the audio tapes; know medical terms, English grammar, and spelling; be able to operate transcription equipment, and write clearly without changing the medical professionals’ meaning or directions.

Many medical transcribing service providers specialize in different fields of medicine. As a professional, you must stay abreast of the changing terminology and medical techniques. It is a challenging career, but one that can provide steady work once your business is established.

Medical transcribing service is basically very plausible for those women who cannot do official jobs and prefer to run some kind of home based business due to the heavy duties of domestication.

The income potential is $15,000-$30,000 or more a year!

13. Event Planning

Planners are very skilled in arranging the programs for the varieties of occasions including Weddings, Product Launches, Receptions, Fundraising Galas, Company Picnics, Employee Incentives, Award Shows, Anniversaries, Theme Parties, etc. according to the demands of customers.

Wedding Event Planner invents such individualistic personalized packages in order to make the special events more unique. Wedding event planner online offers you online database with all entertaining stuff for the wedding celebrations.

You may find a number of online directories of weddings, special events and celebrations to get numerous ideas and plans for the unique arrangements of a wedding ceremony.

The income potential is $100 to $1,500 per event. Experienced, full-time planners can earn annual incomes in the six figures!

14. Referral Service

Referral service offered by the different persons plays a vital role in the promotion of different kinds of the businesses with the potential number of the customers.

Information & referral services are indispensable to each other as without knowledge and contacts with the entrepreneurs, you can’t refer the business.

Contractor referral services offer the different kinds of the contracts from the contractors for the clients with some fixed charges, earning money by referring the various contractors according to the demands of the clients.

Your goal is to make people happy with the businesses in your referral service and to help good quality businesses get the customers they need. Evaluate the businesses through interviews with customers-only keep those that are the best!

The income potential is $50,000 to $100,000 per year, depending on whether you work by yourself or employ assistants.

15. Garden Consulting Service

If you want to get garden consulting service started, you have to learn expertise, analytical power, and strategic policies, to promote the consulting service.

If you are newfangled to gardening, or an expert require of some help, deem Backyard Secrets. With garden consulting services you can have a garden instructor that can toil with you, as much or as slight as you want, in and out of your backyard.

Your private trainer can assist you set objectives and select tools and materials, while providing bits of advice with the specific gardening issues.

You can earn huge amount of profitability and productivity by performing as the best garden consultants to be careful of all kinds of plantation. you have to be well-equipped with the knowledge of gardening skills and tips to enhance your professional skills in garden consulting.

The income potential is $20,000 to $50,000 or more.

16. Travel Franchise

Travel franchise! What could be superior? You can earn a gigantic amount of profits, in the shape of commissions by booking all traveling clients via world travel agency franchise.

Annually $5 trillion is spent on travel franchise. It’s a big trading field for the vast online business opening as well.

Whether you are searching for particular means to increase your earnings on a part-time base, or hopeful for permanent business prospect, travel agent franchise may enhance the financial status of the entrepreneurs massively.

There is no experience needed for running a travel agency franchise, purchasing by monetarily well-built, debt-free corporation to achieve the goals.

You can earn a gigantic amount of profits, in the shape of commissions by booking all traveling clients via world travel agency franchise.

17. Tax Preparation Service

Not to wonder, most of us are a bit reluctant when it comes to filing our income taxes per year for certain reasons, but there are dedicated people who deem it as a part-time or full-time income opportunity.

Tax preparation is a job worthy of consideration for people with know-how in income tax filing operations and good proficiency in accounting.

By long odds, most of your business start from 10th January to April 15th every year, but many professional tax prepares work for their clients year-round: they file any necessary extensions, help clients keep their records in order, and provide other services that make it easier to file each year’s taxes.

If this business venture interests you, talk to professional tax preparers, study tax preparation manuals, and survey if there is a need for a preparer in your community.

The income potential is $20,000 to $30,000 a year!

18. Editing/Proofreading

Are you good at editing and/or proofreading a content?

If yes, the job is just the ticket for you. The Internet is replete with websites offering a plethora of such job opportunities for skilled editors and proofreaders.

The content could be varied in type including articles/blogs, website content, ebooks, documents, white papers etc. that the clients want to get edited and/or proofread.

Ensuring that you really have a good mastery of English language then the job is a perfect fit for you. Considering the editing/proofreading job to do either on a part-time or full-time basis, this home-based online business can generate really some exciting bucks for you.

The average income potential of editing/proofreading is $3098.844 per year.

19. Graphic Design

Next on the list of exciting lucrative opportunity is graphic designing and you may wonder with awe that its pay is a bit better than freelance writing.

Without a doubt, Graphic Design is a great skill that can give your career additionally a great boost. Actually graphic designing experts are people who craft visual concepts either manually or via a computer program to transmit the ideas that encourage, inform and excite customers.

They design a range of applications for ads, brochures, magazines and corporate reports. So If you excel in Photoshop, Indesign, CS etc., there are lots of websites that prepared to pay an exciting amount of money for quality work.

The income potential in graphic design is $3534.330 per year.

20. Virtual Assistant

Becoming a virtual assistant is among the least challenging jobs for an individual as it comprises a few variety of tasks including data entry, scheduling, managing blogs, email and even shopping.

Anyone with a penchant to earning money additionally can opt for becoming a virtual assistant. Being a virtual assistant, you need not get in touch with people who hire you but you the option to work remotely over the Internet and Skype.

You can scout online to find a host of virtual assistant jobs to give a good boost to your current income. If you are good at managing the virtual assistant job, you can earn $16.06 per hour.

21. Call Center Representative

Today call center has become a commonplace at every place which gives a neat opportunity for interested people to become the representative and resolve the queries and issues of the customers affably and mannerly.

Basically, these are certain outsourcing companies that recruit a host of people to work from a huge call center but now with the availability of the Internet, many of these companies hire you giving the flexibility to work from the convenience of your home.

All you need to have is an Internet connection with good speed along with an active telephone line. This is an exciting lucrative home-based business that requires zero investment and the outsourcing companies will do the stressful job of discovering customers.

On average, the income potential for a Call Centre Representative is $12.43/hr or $32235 annually.

22. Data entry

Certainly one of the most popular and attractive jobs yet perhaps not the most paying jobs, data entry is a great online business idea which offers less yet a steady source of income on a regular basis.

Data entry is all about the number of entries that you make in an assignment and you get paid for every single entry that you make seamlessly.

There are lots of authentic websites online that offers data entry jobs for the interested people on a paying basis. That gives the understanding that you can coin fine amount of money if you can get some time from your regular schedule.

The average income potential in data entry jobs is $2585 per annum.

23. Converting Ebooks to Kindle Format/Smashwords/iBook

The business of ebook publishing is up and coming and there are lots of writers who are not well conversant with the exact technique of converting their personal documents into the formats consistently required by Amazon and iBook.

If you guess you have the expertise to do so successfully then you can commence a home-based business to offer this kind of service.

You can advertise the business on the internet with the view to discovering potential clients there. This is really a very exciting and lucrative opportunity for the knowledgeable person who can coin good amount of money from the comfort of his/her home.

Experienced people can earn income in three figures in this job.

24. Online Affiliate Marketer

Whether it is a startup or an established business, one of the biggest hurdles that they face up is to find targeted audiences easily.

You can owe the responsibility by helping companies find the targeted customers by registering their websites. Being affiliated with their business, you need to promote their products on Search engines and social media channels.

For carrying out the job responsibly and successfully, you can start earning commissions of up to 80% from the comfort of your home.

To discover such companies that are assured of paying you the money, you can start signing up with clickbank.com. An intermediate affiliate marketer can easily earn $300-$3000 per day!!

25. Online surveys

Online survey is a goldmine for people who want to earn money in an ease of use style. Filling out survey questionnaire is a very simple and relaxing online home-based job that does not require a person to be a brain-box although basic knowledge about a product/service slated to be promoted is a must.

If you guess you qualify for the survey questionnaire, companies will readily and gladly pay you for carrying out online surveys. You have the opportunity to earn as much as £5 by carrying out a survey which hardly takes a span of 30 minutes to complete.

You can earn even more by signing up as many as survey sites as possible and this, on the whole, can turn out a full-time online business for you.

You have the opportunity to earn as much as $7 by carrying out a survey which could consume as less as 30 minutes in general.

26. Professional Organizers

Professional Organizers offer information, products, and support to assist others systematically for fulfilling the necessities of life.

The most important question is that how to become a professional organizer?

If you are thinking about like how can I become professional organizers, you would find the answer to your queries when you keenly take experience by observing the activities of the professional organizers.

Clarity professional organizer is also very reliable and reputable for the superior quality organization and management in a very professional manner.

The income potential is $20,000 -$30,000 per contract you receive!

27. E-commerce website

When it involves launching an e-commerce business, the first thought that creeps in the minds of knowledgeable entrepreneurs is to sell some awesome product/service to the targeted audiences.

This is another hassle-free undertaking that gives you the flexibility to work on something that you can make the most easily.

Education or any formal training is no bar. You only need a web domain and you can start generating a good amount of money.

Simply launch a website featuring info on products/services that are of interest to you and you can start earning commissions by displaying ads and giving reference to the featured products/services to your friends.

In the first three months of commencing an ecommerce website can generate $150,000 revenue per month and this goes on increasing with the passage of time.

28. Online Day Trading

Online day trading can deal with your financial concerns mightily and help you gain a copious amount of cash.

Although a traditional lucrative money-making program, a host of people are still involved in this job online and are earning good amount of cash even on a part-time basis.

A lot of markets, like foreign stock exchange trade for 24 hours. And as a result of the ease of use Internet access, day trading is a second-to-none business program while the baby is off one’s guard, on your lunch hour, or working simply a few mornings a week in betwixt golf games and carpentry.

The income potential is $300k per annum.

29. Forex Trading

Forex trading was a hot business in the yesteryears and even today it is still in vogue among a lot of entrepreneurs but in online form.

Any person with a penchant to earn the almighty dollar on a day-to-day basis can try out forex trading online and test his/her luck.

Actually forex trading has certain level of risk or luck involved, so the business plan is not for the chicken-hearted person but for the dare-devils who do not waver in taking a risk.

You can check a lot of web resources featuring information about forex trading in case you are not aware of the business.

You can make $53,000 a month following successful two year of forex trading.

30. Online Poker

Online poker is one of the most popular casino-based gambling games that enable you to earn a mammoth amount of money overnight if you are very good at playing in it and, most importantly, luck is often in your favour.

Although if you live in USA, you are out of luck for the reason being online gambling is banned there. Although for European wannabes, this business is just the ticket as it is already a big hit there.

Online poker can turn around your financial status if you have an aptitude for it. Because poker is fairly a game of chance and skills constitute lesser margin of winning, so if you luck is on your side, you can generate income in whopping three, four, five or six figures!!

31. Lead generation

Out of the host of ever-increasing money-making jobs online includes lead generation which is at the helm of popularity today.

Lead generation is a technique implementing which you collect enquiries for a product/service via an opt-in form on the relevant websites. You only need to sign up a dependable lead generation website and you are on the way to generate good amount of money.

Although it requires a bit of efforts in the preliminary stages to just putting up a website and making it a rage, lead generation websites are quite profitable in the long run as soon as they get going.

The average lead generation income is $39,585 per year.

32. Ebay Reselling

Ebay, no need to be precise about it, is already a well-known and perhaps the most popular flea market on the online market.

Ebay gives you the opportunity to set up a personal virtual store and start selling products you have in mind and this way you can start generating money for you.

Interestingly, because Ebay is diversified according to the different global countries, you can choose the country where you reside in and open your own virtual store.

A host of worldwide buyers still also typically considers EBay to get low-budget deals and feel happy-go-lucky with the money they save.

You can either make income in two, three or four figures depending on the item you want to sale.

33. Gift Remainder Business

In this business, you get paid for Gift remainder service providers on the special dates of special days—birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and shopping for appropriate gifts.

If you are knowledgeable about fashion and trends, you could shop for the best buys for men and women executives who have little time to compare shop.

Gift remainder service providers have to innovate the unique planning and managing the gift items in correspondence with the different occasions, gaining more popularity and quality-assurances service packages.

You could charge a monthly fee averaging about $75 per client, depending on the amount of calls and services you would provide.

34. Party And Event Planning

Event planner careers have now more successful scope in the modern age and are really very rewarding where everyone wants to celebrate the festivities in the unique styles.

With that said, there is a growing demand of event planner organizer for the stylish arrangements and planning of the special occasions.

Party and event planning is not a rocket science and you can easily be very good at the profession if you do everything body and soul.

You may find a number of online directories of weddings, special events and celebrations to get numerous ideas and plans for the unique arrangements of a wedding ceremony. $100 to $1,500 per event.

Experienced, full-time planners can earn annual incomes in six figures!

35. Cleaning Home And Apartments

With so many women working out of the home today, the need for a high-quality home cleaning service has grown. Many home and apartment cleaners are sole proprietors, but some hire a staff and then manage the business.

Home cleaning is a physically demanding job, which is why an owner who does everything herself is somewhat limited in her income potential.

Arrange home cleaning visits on a regular basis according to your customers’ needs. It may be a good idea to have you or your workers bonded.

Be aware that these businesses traditionally have a high turnover of employees. Some cleaning business owners report earnings of $400-$700 per week.

36. Reunion Planning

Reunion planning is all about arranging a get-together for high schools, colleges, or other institutions, as well as for families and members of former military units.

Reunion planning may be held annually or every five to ten years. One school alone could have as many as eight to ten reunions each year.

Because many people no longer have the time for planning a reunion themselves on the specific occasions that’s why the professional reunion planning businesses have sprung up.

You have a great opportunity to coin money. And do you know that you can earn $2,000 as an average profit per event?

37.Wedding Planner And Consultant

Wedding event planner online is very popular in the advanced age of the internet where everyone wants to communicate with each other via the internet.

You may issue wedding planner guide on the internet where the customers come to visit your website in order to get all informative stuff with the all featured plans and price packages.

Wedding and event consultants have the bright scope in gaining the huge amount of profitability. You may choose this business as one of the great home-based businesses and may take contracts of wedding planning to earn a huge amount of profit percentages.

Rates vary in the different regions of the country. Wedding planners commonly charge 10 to 15 percent of the total wedding expenses.

38. Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are a unique gift-giving idea that has grown in popularity over the past few years.

They can be filled with an assortment of specialty foods and gifts and can be tailored for almost any occasion such as birthdays, house warming, or ice cream sundae-making.

You need an ample work and storage area, plus a method of delivery. In addition, an 800 telephone number and the ability to take credit card orders help increase business remarkably.

Depending on the volume of gift baskets you sell and your profit margin, annual income can range from $25,000 (average earnings of smaller businesses) to $50,000!

39. Painting

Paintings are creative and artistic skills of the painter which he/she has been endowed by Nature.

If you have such inborn talent of artistic exposure via paintings, you may not only earn cachet but also financial gains simultaneously.

You may start to display your paintings in the market and may earn the money by starting this home-business, very reasonable business for the women.

You should know all tips related to painting before starting your business as painter online. The income potential is $12,000-$ 100,000 average annual earnings; $300-$500 per week!!

40. Carpet and rug cleaning

Carpet and rug cleaning is another very profitable business that you can start on your own easily. In this business, you have to sharply promote your service and be geared up to tell possible end users how your service has several good points over another’s.

Carpet and rug cleaning service is a good start of home business with the profiteering shares to your finance if you are willing to satisfy your customers with the adequate services.

You may get a lot of orders of carpet and rug cleaning from your clients if you maintain your trustworthy services with the cost-effective packages.

Once your business is established, you can earn as much as $50,000 a year! Some business owners who have cleaning crews earn up to six figures.

41. Pet Services

Pet related services are providing the promising care and companionship to the pet lovers by sharing all essential features of the life.

Pet services offer the great opportunities to enhance the profitable share if you are willing to start the home-based business by knowing the professional techniques and experience of other professionals.

It is a very profiteering business all over the world as the growing number of pet lovers has already offered the optimum scope of the professional pet service providers with the essential treatment in pet grooming, pet sitting, and pet supplies etc.

The income potential in pet service is rather high. On an average, the preliminary year of a full-time pet service business can help you generate $20,000 to $35,000 as income after expenses.

42. Information Broker

The letter-perfect bit(s) of information can often make a business a smasher. You will search not only the growing number of computerized databases, but also look through library sources, reference books, publications, and interview experts to find the information your clients require.

Stock broker information offers the complete counseling and advising the clients for the appropriate investments to boost up the financial gaining with great productivity.

Many information brokers diversify by doing market research, conducting surveys, and scouting out competitors.

Information brokers are very helpful in business research work for their clients to improve their marketing value significantly. $20,000-$75,000 if your business is a sole proprietorship; more if you hire part-time researchers.

43. Game Inventor

If you have a penchant for playing video games and at the same time, you also take an interest in revising them or have the creative talent to come up with new ones, you have the opportunity to earn more than your expectations! You can sell your ideas to companies dealing in the video games.

Although you can commence a personal game company but the investment would you in thousands of dollars, even millions!

It may take a little bit of time to realize your ideas or innovations in a video game—and once they are acknowledged well, you will receive a percentage of the gross revenues as the second-to-none inventor game.

You will wonder to learn that the average pay for a Video Game inventor is $58,253 per year!!

44. Real Estate Sales

Real estate sales have a wide scope of gaining the massive profitable earnings and all of the real estate sales dealers and brokers work at evenings or weekends as part time job to meet the very challenging needs of the clients.

Before having investment for the real estate sales, you need to get entire real estate sales information so that you would be fully equipped to run this business of real estate sales with all strategic tips.

You have to take the critical view of estate sales in your area, well-acquainted with the real estate comparable sales to accommodate your assets, investing in real estate sales business.

You should also be well-aware of real estate tax sales to get a successful start in the business if you want to be successful dealer. The income potential is $3,000 gross per sale.

45. Tour Services

If touring is your typical hobby or if you live in a location with places of attractions or boasting some special significance or history, you will back up the idea of commencing a local tour service.

First, before launching the business in preferred location(s), it is a must to gain/expand your knowledge about the locations. The presentation of tour services with all essential equipment and transportation sources are very important how the tourists would be satisfied with the exceptional ways of guiding and traveling.

If you are presented with all the requisite features and plans of having the best tour services so that you may enhance the scope of the business profitably and remarkably.

Gradually you would be popular by leading the reputable tour services for the tourists with complete knowledge and expertness in traveling the different regions of the world.

The income potential is $10,000-$50,000 or more a year, depending on the length of your tours, and tourist season.

46. Car wash franchise

Car wash franchise is among the most popular and established businesses that can turn around your financial circumstances dramatically.

The car wash franchise industry offers know-how investors, well-paid opportunities in a mounting and prospering business. If you want to get a profitable business started, car wash franchise is the best option for you!

A car wash franchise provides a high-speed and expedient method for customers to get a specialized exterior and interior cleaning whenever you like to do so.

On average, a mobile car wash franchises cost less, typically in the range of $30,000 to $100,000 but the returns in the form of revenues are in billions per year!

47. Finding Service

Finding service is very helpful and feasible for those individuals who want to get knowledge and consultancy for the establishment of business and employment in different spheres of life.

If you have knowledge about searching and communicating with the people you may easily get full knowledge about pros and cons of all the business ventures, job vacancies, and daily life commodities to promote the business.

You may serve your clients by establishing this reasonable home-based business of finding service. You may enhance your knowledge and information by browsing different directories of all kinds of businesses and employments.

You may get a commission ($20,000-$80,000 or more a year) by offering your quick responsive and cooperative finding services!

48. Mail Order

Mail order is a broad term for selling products or information—either a manufacturer’s or your own—through the mail. It is a good home-based business because of the flexibility in work hours, the ability to work from the home, and the potential to make high profits.

The formula for success is to pick up a good product(s), find the right customers and have the money and/or marketing strategy for reaching those customers.

You may want to start your business part-time and on a small scale, and then build it up as you learn (and earn) more. The income potential can range from a few hundred or thousand dollars to $70,000 or more a year!

49. Sign Painting

Starting a painting business can be run on a small or a large scale. Business portrait painting is still being created by artists with sandblasting or carving techniques, but today computers may be used to produce letter stencils for commercial banners, in addition to etching and silk screening techniques.

Having artistic talent and training or sign-painting experience is a plus to start a painting business. You should also be able to communicate well with your customers and help them in planning a design for their sign that will best portray their painting business in a unique style.

The income potential ranges between $10,000-$50,000, depending on the population density in your area, your production methods, and types of signs.

50. Doll-houses

You can build doll-houses from kits, create replicas of customers’ homes or businesses, or design and build your own unique doll-houses. As a sideline to this business, you can sell commercial or handmade miniature furniture and/or accessories.

Though many of your doll-houses will be ordered as gifts for children, many will be made for adults who will display them for their own pleasure. A doll-house is a model home for kids, made in small sized.

For the last century, doll-houses have chiefly been the field of children but their compilation and crafting have also enthralled a numeral of adults.

The income potential is $15,000-$60,000.

51. Help Desk Industry

With the economy swinging in periodic ups and downs, as well as the increasing cost of employee benefits, businesses turn to temporary help agencies to supply them with temporary helpdesk service to adapt to these conditions.

Helpdesk service industry is very functional in providing the temporary labor for those employers who are too busy to hire the employees to help them; they mostly tend to get temporary help desk services.

The acquisition of help desk industry allocates the employer to acquire labor costs for merely the period the services are essential, and to avoid any disjointing costs.

On average, the median annual Help Desk Support income ranges typically between $43,494-$55,557.

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