More Relevance in Google Ads

Now More Relevance in Google Ads While Delivering the Nearby Information.

There is no doubt that not mobile/calling device are being used frequently than other devices, So Google also want to show Ads endorsement for such audience and focusing more on Mobile visits.

It has been analyzed that searches coming from Mobile devices are now more than regular desktop visits. Behaviors of users searching over their mobile devices are always differ than they regularly search over Desktop or Laptop versions.

8 out of 10 people say they search by nearby term instead of city, area name or zip code when looking for most close result over Mobile device. Most of such users use search terms like “near me”, “nearby me” etc.

This time serving Ads over Google search are not very relevant as location targeting in Adwords setting are usually country or City level.

So how can a user get most close Ads or an Advertiser can show his engagement for local (nearby) presence via Ads?

Last Year Google Adwords launched enhanced Location Extensions to show Ads with upto 3 different store/business locations.

This is very useful for gaining user attraction while he is present to nearby any of the store and easily get direction details of business store without visiting over website.

This update was really helpful for increasing offline sale (store visits) which usually counted as 100% conversion rate.

Google recently announced to show three to four special Ad formats for those audiences who are using “nearby” search terms into their search queries; like “nearby laundry”, “laundry near to me”, “nearby auto repair” etc.

Each ad unit will contain click-to-call option (so that user can call to business directly), Direction location (so that user can visit to store directly) and comparison option (Distance measure).

Which Advertisers are eligible for showing this new Ad format?

There are no additional setting require to show this ad format. But advertisers just need to make sure that they have already enabled location extension as well as Call extension enabled and they will be automatically eligible to show new Ad formats to audience over mobile device.

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