Making Search More Intelligent

More and more people today rely on the Internet for accurate and precise data

Information about a whole variety of things and the range of searches being made by users is becoming wider and more personal each day.

Therefore the need for search engines to answer this new challenge has become the new frontier for technological innovations in the realm of online activity.

Google, being the largest and most popular search engine and web function company has taken the lead to make your search more intelligent, interactive and effective. The introduction of the knowledge graph is the latest step in the ever expanding schema for search solutions that Google has been working on.

The Knowledge Graph: According to the Google team, the primary objective of the knowledge graph is to enhance the users search experience to come as close to interacting with a human mind as possible. The knowledge graph therefore displays factual summaries associated with the search query input made by the users. This feature is available for all searches made in English and presents itself in a separate column on the right hand side of the screen.

Google knows before you say it!: Google instant or auto-complete is a feature that predicts the relevant key words associated with the search query input that you feed in. It therefore completes words, names of people, places and events etc in keeping with the popularity of the search terms. This greatly speeds up the search experience and also allows users to better phrase their search by giving them a reference of similar searches made by other people. The instant function also displays relevant search results on your screen even before you have entered the entire phrase allowing the user to change the search query in response to the results that are being displayed.

Dig deeper for the gold: The challenge to make your search deeper and give the user as comprehensive and in depth idea of the search query as possible motivates Google to work on the most likely associations in the users mind to present the user with a multi-layered search result starting from the best summaries to elaborating on the different components of the search phrase like events, places, people and organizations associated with the query etc.

Synchronizing social with search: With the Internet becoming more and more intelligent and central to a huge section of the world population’s sociality, strengthening the linkage between the social and the search becomes crucial. The Google Search team has come up with an elaborate semantic schema to make their search results as deeply embedded in society as the role of the Internet is becoming, linking the search made on the web more deeply with the larger web of social relations, social memory and aspirations.

The most relevant amidst the most varied: The sheer expanse of the information available online on almost all subjects today pose a serious challenge to effective and efficient search. One increasingly hears voices of protest from academics and other professionals about people dependent on the Internet for information being flooded with irrelevant and incorrect material. To answer to this, Google has come up with a search paradigm that exhibits only the most relevant sources for your search and also the most reliable and trusted ones. To achieve this, it works with the most elaborate set of data garnered from the behaviour pattern of users from across the globe and a highly developed artificial intelligence system.

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