IPv6, SEO, Effect on Online World

When we talk about internet, it’s the global network where every user of the internet is connected.

Its really fascinating that users over the net at far flung places just with availability of some cable lines are hooked like never before.

These cable lines took a great deal of time to be invented and then to get in place to work as communicators or channels of communication. The other requirement is a computer, a machine that enables networking interface so that communication could take shape.

This whole bunch of technological invention has led to shrinking of the world in smaller bits. These smaller bits when combined as a package represent the world.

In  a way the whole world is dependent upon these planks to send and receive information reducing the cost of information exchange, which was purely cost and time hungry tasks. With the advent of internet usage, these two parameters are dwarfed to such a level that even a common man could afford this activity which was earlier a luxury.

The nature of problem

Almost all the organization in the present world is using this facility whether it’s a government facility or a private firm. The communication lines through which devices communicate with each other over the internet is called Internet protocol. These are in the form of codes that are mandatory for communication between two devices. When the internet was put first in place the users were operating on IPv1. But with the increase in usage of the services and increase in the communicating devices IPv4 was put in place to handle the internet traffic and to ensure smooth running of applications. But as nothing is finite, so as the users and the capability of internet protocol versions to accommodate the amount of internet users. The problem is that the current Internet addressing system, IPv4, only has room for about 4 billion addresses ,not nearly enough for the world’s people, let alone the devices that are online today and those that will be in the future: computers, phones, TVs, watches, fridges, cars, and so on. More than 4 billion devices already share addresses. As IPv4 runs out of free addresses, everyone will need to share.

The way out

Therefore, there is an urgent need to reassign the IP version. To cater this need there is a proposal of transforming IPv4 to IPv6, which is a much advanced version and holds promise to work more efficiently than the previous versions.  IPv6 is the new version of the Internet Protocol and expands the number of available addresses to a virtually limitless amount–340 trillion addresses.

When it’s happening

World IPv6 Launch on June 6, 2012, organized by the Internet Society, is the day participating major websites and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) permanently enable IPv6 and begin the transition from IPv4.

Its effect on SEO

Much speculation is sought that whether it would affect the working of SEO over websites. It very unlikely to be affected as the problem and the speculated effect are far apart. The transformation is in medium of communication and not in the communication pattern. The internet would work as before but only with an advanced version. This would not have any affect over the working of SEO strategy. But with the transformation of IPv6 there would be more room for new comer in the internet marketing, which would increase intensity of competition over the web. So there would be a need a revival of SEO strategies up to some extent or revamping the earlier tools in place, but not the whole caboodle.

 P.S. Businesses need not to worry about the transformation but rather be happy about the type of content they can run over their websites with necessary up gradation.


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