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Enhanced Feature For Google Adwords Account Managers In MCC (My Client Center)

Managing Adwords account campaign usually easy instead of managing multiple Adwords accounts by Agency. For improving account manager behavior this time Adwords recently made some changes into my client center.

In past days there was lots of update for targeting purpose even those are still rolling out. But now Google made some changes into Adwords Manager Account for better and faster performance measurement. Some recently updated experiences at a scale are mentioned below:

#1 Managing Adwords Campaign:

In past Account structure when manager wants to make changes into campaign across multiple client accounts, usually take much time because manager has to access every account individually and then generate separate view for exporting reporting data. To improve such requirement a new campaign view added to the manager account dashboard.

Now campaign level action for any individual account also available at manager account level. For upto 20 Adwords accounts, an account manager can add multiple columns, apply segments and get the required detailed reporting with a single view dashboard.

This enhances view also allows Advertiser to create a new campaign directly into client Adwords account.

#2 Better Reporting insight Feature:

Enhanced new Adwords MCC interface now enables for up to date reporting metrics view to Account manager. You need to select a custom date range and compare same to any time period as per requirement. Additionally some more reporting columns also added including conversions.

Generating more meaningful data insights, some additional measurement available such as reporting filtered by click type, network type as well as device. Overall enhance reporting helpful for making decision to Account manager that what perform better for expanding business insights.

#3 Navigate into accounts are faster:

Instead of individually visiting to account structure over MCC dashboard it is easy for finding account, campaign and Adgroup at single view. Account manager needs to search for desired result and a search within Adwords account structure will appear for all clients’ account.

All above changes are helpful for Account Manager but client also get benefit as Account Manager can work efficiently for their clients and give more time to making improvements.

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