Facts About Green Technology

Advanced technology has indeed tremendous fruits to reap but leaves at fag end the sour taste of electronic scrap resulting from the sheer negligence on the path of the users. At the end of the road of fast paced technological innovations lies heap of electronic carcasses which cause severe contamination of air with hazardous toxic substances like lead, cadmium, mercury and carcinogenic substances.

However, technology is now gradually stepping up its ‘green awareness’ and some of the biggest names in technology are leading this environmental push.

Apple: Apple has launched green initiatives. Its laptop is a sure shot example of a ‘greener product’ as is the MacBook Air.

Nokia: Nokia’s 3100 Evolve has ben built from renewable materials.

HP: HP is putting recycled plastic into the ink cartridges of its printers.

Intel: Intel’s new processors are lead free and in future it will be halogen-free. It is in the process of developing new silicon materials.

Cisco: Cisco has launched Nexus 7000 series a modular data center-class switching system with features like efficient power supply and cooling – designed for 10GB Ethernet networks.

Dell, Asus and Lenovo have pledged to become the greenest technology companies through recycling and other initiatives. Xerox scientists have invented a way to make prints whose images last only a day, so that the paper can be used again and again.

How can we contribute in this greener revolution ?

Even our aim should be to reduce (print only when necessary), reuse (paper and cartridges) and recycle (paper and cartridges when they cannot be reused anymore). As the internet changed the world of communication, greener technology too is poised to make a huge difference to the environment. There is no love in carbon emissions producing a 4-degree warmer world. The emissions are not going to stop. At best they can be reduced. If we join hands to fight it then the disaster may be postponed for a long, long time.

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