Definitions of Entertainment

There is a wide range of ideas pertaining to what one may call entertainment.

For some it may be the adrenaline flow along their veins or for some it may be a relaxing pleasure or for others it might be something surprising.

To carve out general understating it is something that amuses or stirs up excitement. Whatever it is, the basic fact is that we all crave for it and try to find it throughout the day.

For some reason, if it is not met it may end up as frustration. To vent out feelings and feel relaxed. To ease off the mental and emotional pressure everyone needs one or the other kind of entertainment.

There are various modes of entertainment depending upon the person’s interest and his place of getting the dose of entertainment. If one wants to hear some sort of music in a jungle with no music player, that sort of entertainment is not possible and similar other entertainment is not possible everywhere. So people have to find their own means of entertaining themselves at all times whether at workplace or in free hours.

But recent adjustments in the lifestyles have given rise to entertainments that would pertain to use of social networking as a way out of the mundane frustration. They serve as a catalyzing agent for the social bond. They have already proved their worth in mobilizing people ( as witnessed during the recent Arab springs). The generation feels it as a venting media and at the same time refreshment mode which is the prime feature of an entertainment module.

Yesteryear generations struggled with racked television sets, present time generation remain upfront with flat LED TVs. Yesterday gramophone and transistor was the music express and today every bring is a music express with a little chipset in their pocket.

A lot has changed over time in leaps and bounds.  Though there is a lot more to arrive with greater speed exceeding even 3G speed.

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