Udenchi is a pseudonym for Umesh Singh Rajput.

This is my personal blog where I mainly write on building businesses, idea building, building life, self-empowerment, doing better work and random thoughts.

I want my voice to reach to those who are wandering and want first hand genuine information about building life and business online.

# Who I Am?

I am Umesh Singh Rajput. An Internet Marketing Expert by profession.

I help businesses reach more audience by building highly profitable funnels and strategic marketing.

Also I provide consulting and coaching to individuals and businesses in Internet Marketing and Online Business domain.

I am dedicated to provide authentic and realistic information based on the search engine optimization, internet business, different kinds of the search engines, how to start the online business, basic keys to success on internet, different types of the websites and so forth.

# You are in a right place “If You Are Looking to Build Businesses Online & Create Freedom for yourself.”

You will get all the relevant information regarding Building Businesses Online. Not only this all the information I furnish are workable and tested over time. The processes mentioned are being revised as the technology advances. Plus I keep you abreast with the changes in internet landscapes so as you can keep excelling in your business.

# How Umesh Singh Rajput Will Help You?

I can help you gain your freedom and life in many ways.

  • I can help you get started with building your business online.
  • I can help with traffic generation ideas.
  • I can help you form new ideas and see whether they are profitable or not.
  • I can train your in-house staff to implement, monitor and adjust SEO campaigns.
  • I can examine your existing SEO project and provide recommendations.
  • I can provide customized SEO consulting services based on your website’s need and goals.

# Tools I Use

I use numerous tools depending upon the use. I frequently include tools and recommend them to you as well. While recommending tools, my main focus lies in determining whether the tool is making your work easier or not. I keep productivity in mind for me as well as you.

# How to contact me?

So if you’d like to create, grow and nurture the business and life, I can help. The best way to contact me is through the contact form.

Believe me I read each and every mails that you guys send. But due to prior commitment and busyness I reply to few selected mails depending upon the importance and priority.

# Other Ways To Connect With Me

Is by visiting and connecting through below mentioned social sites