5 Qualities of a Good Boss

Believe it or not you are going to realize sooner or later, you need the following qualities to be a boss.

If you have these qualities well and good. If not, then try to embrace them (as soon as possible):

1. Be a Leader: As a boss you always walk ahead of the line. You are the one that people follow and therefore the example you set matters almost as much as the instructions you give to your juniors. Your every word should be backed by a serious action and responsibility.

2. Know your Team: As the team leader one should always remember that true control come only from true knowledge. Know the assets and liabilities that each of your team members bring with them so that you can bring out the best from within them. A clear assessment of your strengths as a team which can solve problems in coordination with each other is also extremely important.

3. Be Flexible: Nobody wants to put off the boss, but they all inevitably end up doing so. Be prepared for a crisis, even if you will never tolerate one, there should always be a plan B. The competitive market does not accommodate any failures and is constantly making new demands on you.

4. Give your employees enough Incentives: People need motivation to work. You being the team leader need to map out a system to constantly motivate your junior to do better. This might have to be specific to certain employees in important locations in the production chain or a larger plan to keep all your subordinates involved.

5. Develop decision making power: As the last word on an issue your decision making is crucial. Hone those skills of yours and be prepared to act in any adverse situation. That in the end is what makes a leader. The ability to act takes a lot of confidence, information and preparation. At the same time a good boss must train his juniors to be able to take confident decisions in line with the organizational plan at their own level and initiative.

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