Role Of SEO In Marketing


The online market is attracting more clients than ever before. Most people are now rapidly embracing and appreciating the internet market as a safe, fast and a convenient way to shop for items. With the now increase in confidence to transact online, industries too are fighting to have their presence … [Read more...]

Winners Vs Loosers

# 1: MINDSET WINNER: Never afraid of losing money during testing. It is just another data collection if the campaign is not working at this moment. Come back and re-test in future. LOSER: Losing $5 - $10 is a big deal. Scared of losing more money. # 2: BUDGET WINNER: Have larger budget for … [Read more...]

Successful Name for Business


A good business name is one that brings in business, so it’s important that you take some time to decide on one that will attract customers. We have some good advice from top marketing companies on how to come up with a winning company name: • Make sure it’s memorable but simple to spell. Think … [Read more...]

Facts About Green Technology


Advanced technology has indeed tremendous fruits to reap but leaves at fag end the sour taste of electronic scrap resulting from the sheer negligence on the path of the users. At the end of the road of fast paced technological innovations lies heap of electronic carcasses which cause severe … [Read more...]

Making Search More Intelligent


More and more people today rely on the Internet for accurate and precise data information about a whole variety of things. The range of searches being made by users is becoming wider and more personal each day. Therefore the need for search engines to answer this new challenge has become the new … [Read more...]

Definitions of Entertainment


There is a wide range of ideas pertaining to what one may call entertainment. For some it may be the adrenalin flow along their veins or for some it may be a relaxing pleasure or for others it might be something surprising. To carve out general understating it is something that amuses or stirs up … [Read more...]

What is Your Value Proposition


In these times of cut throat competition your value proposition is the merit that you wear on your sleeve, your USP as a professional individual. Steadily performing at very high levels of efficiency and making an impression on your employees is however a road that goes all the way uphill. In such a … [Read more...]

5 Qualities of a Good Boss


Believe it or not you are going to realize sooner or later, you need the following qualities to be a boss. If you have these qualities well, if not try to embrace them (if possible): 1. Be a Leader: As a boss you always walk ahead of the line. You are the one that people follow and therefore the … [Read more...]

What is Creative Thinking


Out of the box thinking has increasingly become the norm for advertising professionals. The benchmark for creativity is being set on the global stage as companies and brands become more competitive and the choices available to consumers on the super market shelves multiply like rabbits. What matters … [Read more...]

Social Network for Corporates


Microsoft Corp’s recent acquisition of Yammer for a whopping $ 1.2 billion has set the market abuzz. The billion dollars plus transaction holds great significance for the software industry as well as signals the strengthening of a new form of intra enterprise organizing and consolidation. The … [Read more...]